Friday, July 6, 2018

The Real Price of Selling

There is the usual 10-11%, with the cost of commissions, and escrow fees, and title insurance and excise tax...and then there's what you need to do to get your house ready. Does your place look like a photo spread from  magazine? Probably not. Does the sink leak? How is the yard and garden? Does the paint need a refresh?

I suggest all sellers get a professional home inspection and a sewer scope before they put the house on the market. After reading the report, it's imperative to either repair the health or safety items, or plan to negotiate down on the price of your home. It's also good practice to run through the list with your agent and discuss cosmetic repairs. The better your home looks and smells (I do not mean artificial air fresheners!) the more appeal you will have.

After repair work is complete, it's time to discuss staging (by a professional designer) and professional photos (should you have a drone?) and then your agent can get the marketing material ready for print and the internet.

My last rental home a client put on the market cost about $30,000. Fifteen thousand of that was unexpected when we first met. There was the sewer line repair and the electrical panel, the deck could that could not be repaired and the new back porch.  New water heater, paint, carpet, staging, small fix ups and we were finally ready. Luckily, the market was strong when we came on the market after all that work, and we had 9 offers! All the work was totally worth it.

It takes a village. A great Realtor knows how to put this all together and then get your home sold. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Little White Lies

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